Singlets Slime and Pies

by 25,Oct,2019Tour

Matt, Scott, Zack and Nicky take part in a messy game show that sees them getting covered in pies and slime, while wearing footie kit and singlets!
Round 1 : Pie Buzzers
Nicky asks the questions and Scott and Zack have to buzz in with the answer. A correct answer means your opponent gets pied. Answer wrong and your getting the pie! No cheating is allowed… well unless thats from Nicky!
Round 2 : The Leaky Bowl
Using a bowl with holes in it the lads have to transfer a bucket of gunge into their team mates shorts. The team with the most gunge down their shorts wins!
Round 3 : Get your singlets on.
Starting just in pants Nicky and Zack have a race in a pool of gunge to see who can to put a gungy singlet on the right way round. 
Round 4 : Foam Tastic
Dressed in slimy singlets Nicky and Scott and Matt and Zack each have to cover each other in foam using brushes and then clean each other down with freezing cold water! The cleanest team wins the match!