Sloppy Presenter Wrestle

by 6,Mar,2020Tour

Time for presenters Miles, Wardy, Paul and Chris to battle it out in a pool of slime to find out who is the best presenter!
Who is the best presenter of gungelads? Well Wardy thinks it him, but the other lads don’t agree so they decide to have a naughty sloppy wrestling match to find out who is the best.
Round 1 : Features Chris and Miles each wearing a jockstrap which their opponent must get off, while Wardy and Paul throw gunge in from the sides. Winner is the one that can get the jockstrap off their opponent and onto the head of their team mate.
Round 2 : Paul and Wardy battle it out to see which one of them can stay on top of the other one for the longest. Difficult when your constantily sliding off becasue of all the gunge!
Then the lads decide to just have a good grapple with all of them sliding around in the pool and finishing with some gungy arse spanking!