Stevens First Ever Gunging

by 22,Feb,2019Tour

Wearing a full football kit, including socks, Steven gets ready to be gunged for the very first time!
Steven gets gunged for the very first time wearing a full football kit which gets covered in custard pies, chcocolate sauce green gunge, trifle with lots going down his shorts. Then he strips off and gets his naughty bits gunged with strawberry syrup, thick cake mix and lots more purple and yellow gunge. Making sure he gets all his body covered we shove custard down the back of his pants and Steven rubs it in to his naked arse!
Yes Steven definatley enjoys his gunging and can’t stop rubbing the gunge and pies into his sexy body!
Were looking forward to inviting Steven to join the rest of the lads on a future show, as he says “he makes the perfect desert!”