Stocks, Pies, Paste and Pants

by 12,Apr,2019Tour

Ian finds Jamie and Jonny covering each other in chocolate before the show has even started. These lads obviously need restraining, so Ian locks them both in the stocks!
Each lad gets three creamy chocolate pies to throw at the other while locked in the stocks.. but first Ian cleans their faces with some old pants and cold water! Then free from the stocks, the lads get to paste each other with gunge against the clock. They’ve got 90 seconds to cover each other in as much gunge as possible using a pasting brush. Paul and Ian then inspect jamies and jonnys bodies to find out which lad has got the most gunge over them.
The loser of the games, has to endure a very embarrassing penalty which involves a pasting brush, gunge and the inside of their pants!