Toms Birthday Yes No Game

by 25,Jan,2019Tour

Sitting naked, clutching onto a balloon covering his naughty bits, Tom plays the yes / no game on his birthday!
Nate asks the questions and Tom has to avoid saying Yes or No for 90 seconds. If he fails then each of the lads has a special messy birthday treat for him. Get ready for multiple custard cream pies in the face,  rice pudding, more custard, cake mix and ice cream to be deposited all over Tom.
But before his gunging Nate is gunna pop Toms balloon, meaning he has to endure it naked!
Tom manages to hold onto his tackle well and Nate adds to the fun by covering him in a bucket of green slime. Then Tom is offered a pair of pants to put on and once on he receives his final gunging, with most of the green gunge going down his pants!
Happy birthday Tom!