Toms First Slapstick Lesson

by 28,Aug,2020Tour

In this previously unreleased audition, Tom learns all about different types of pies and finds out all the places gunge can be poured over and into!
Before we invite lads on the show, we like to make sure they understand the basics of slapstick. To do this we invite them along to learn all about the different slapstick techniques… and this video was Toms 1st Experience of getting messy!
Tom gets to experience all the different types of pies, pie in the face, pie sandwhich & pie hat among others. Then we move on to gunge, with the gunge going over his head, down his shirt, down his pants and down the back of his pants.
Plus Tom strips off to his boxers and gets more gunge poured all over him. Then, as were nice, Tom gets to shower it all off. So did Tom enjoy his first slapstick lesson, well judging by the bulge in his pants…we think he did!