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Hey guys, Well we’ve been working on this for over a year now and hope you all enjoy our new site!

As some of you know we’ve been pieing and gunging guys for over 10 years now and in this website you can see the results! Membership gives you access to stream our latest videos, featuring new lads such as Rhys who after less than an hour found himself stripped to his jock strap and covered in gunge!

As you know gungelads now includes naughty bits, so if you’re wanting to see guys getting pied on the naked arse or just rolling round naked in gunge, then you have come to the right place! Plus in addition to new scenes you also get access to our library of archive videos, featuring lads getting messy in silly games, daft comedy sketches and wrestling in a pool of slime. There’s loads to choose from and we’ll be adding more each month!

You can stream videos on all your favorite devices (in HQ and LQ video), such as PC’s, Macs, Iphones, Ipads, Android Phones & Tablets. So even when your out and about you can still enjoy watching gungelads.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now and get yourself messy watching our lads!

In this months edition you can watch all these brand new scenes…..

New lad Rhys Mega Slop Yes No Game!

If you’ve been following gungelads you’ll know that all new lads have to play the yes no game where they have to avoid saying yes or no for 90 seconds. Failure means they get splattered with pies and slime. But we thought we would ramp it up a bit and make this a Mega Slopping for Rhys! If he fails then he’s gunna get pied and then slimed with buckets of thick pink cake mix, lots of custard, strawberry jelly, yellow, green & red slime, loose his shirt and get a bucket of purple slime poured over him. Theres so much gunge it filled the pool! So the lads decide it would be a shame to waste that gunge and drop Rhys into the messy slop face first! Oh and did we mention Rhys is wearing a pink jock strap, which the lads make sure gets filled up!

Matts Audition

Matt contacted us saying he was bored of his university studies and wanted to get really messy. So we invited him along to a gungelads audition and asked him to read out of gungelads handbook so he was ready for what we were about to throw at him. Matt gets several custard, chocolate and rasberry pies smashed in his face, gets covered in custard, rice pudding, hersheys chocolate sauce and thick chocolate cake mix.

But Matt isn’t satisfied he wants to be gunged and so far all he’s got is food. So we dump thick yellow, orange and green gunk over him!

Well we do like our lads to be happy when they leave us ?

Captain Flans Mystery Game

Miles, Tom, Jonny and Nicky all agree to play a mystery game devised by Captain Flan. Why is it a mystery? Because none of the lads know what the games are before we start! As Captain Flan reads out the games the lads must play, they are in for a bit of a surprise…!

Game 1.

Drop you pants lads as your team mate has to decorate your arse with frosting, chocolate buttons and sprinkles!

Game 2.

Clean you opponents arse, using your…. well just watch the video!

Thats 28 minutes of NEW sloppy fun!

Plus membership gives you access to over 100 minutes of archive scenes!

NB. All "lads" appearing on this site were 18+ years of age at the time of filming. See our 2257 below.

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