Gungelads Tour

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James and Pete One on One Part 2

  It's part two of James and Pete one on one... and this part has even more gunge! Pete and James continue to gunge each other with lots of sticky goo and gunge! Pete takes James shirt off and coveres him in chocolate sauce.  James then strips Petes shirt off and...

James and Pete One on One

  James and Pete play a messy game with a load of slimy balls! Dressed in their best footie kit, James and Pete take turns to pick a numbered ball from a bucket of gunge. Lowest number gets gunged by their opponent! The lads can choose from, lots of custard and...

Ripped Pants Wrestling

  The lads take part in a tag team wrestling match, but with so many wedgies, Jamies pants soon get ripped! Jamie, Paul, Jonny & Alan all wrestle each other in a tag team wrestle match in a pool of multicoloured slime. What starts off as wrestling soon turns...

Toms First Slapstick Lesson

  In this previously unreleased audition, Tom learns all about different types of pies and finds out all the places gunge can be poured over and into! Before we invite lads on the show, we like to make sure they understand the basics of slapstick. To do this we...

Cooking Time

  Jay and Gavin host their own cooking show, showing you how to make delicious cakes.... but most of the ingredients end up plastered on them! Fancy a spot of cooking? Well Jay and Gavin are here show you how to make a delicious strawberry gateaux cake....

Bucket Dump Nate and Tim

  Nate and Tim play "bucket dump" in just their shiny coloured shorts! One of our favourite games is bucket dump. Eight buckets, 5 with nasty food slop and three just contain plastic balls. Tim and Floppy hair Nate have to nominate a numbered bucket to tip over...

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