Gungelads Tour

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Pies and Gunge Fight!

  When the producer leaves Zack and Mark in charge of loads of pies and gunge while he takes a phone call, mayhem breaks out! Mark and Zack are left in charge of several buckets of gunge and 21 multicoloured pies, while the producer takes a phone call. Big...

Andrews Messy Game

  In this previously unreleased show Andrew plays a messy memory game when he came to audition for gungelads! Andrew thinks he's got a pretty good memory, so we challenged him to play a game against a machine to see how good it is. The machine show him a sequence...

Messy Rugby Training

  Back when you could play team contact sports, the lads met up for a spot of messy rugby training...get ready to scum down! Pete, Feral, Alan and Gav scrumdown as coach Ian, tries to toughen the soft lads up, with a series of exercises. Rugby is played in all...

James & Miles Messy Challenge

  Captain Flan is back to put Miles and James through some messy challenges in a pool of gunge, that starts (for some reason) with James covering Miles arse in vanilla frosting! Time to get James and Miles into a pool of gunge as Captan Flan challenges them to a...

Nickys Pie Party

  We look back to when Nicky turned up for his first show and the lads were ready for him with lots of sticky pies and buckets of gunge! Q. How do you welcome a new gungelads? A. With lots of sticky pies and buckets of gunge.. and this is just what Nicky got when...

Kitts massive Tanking

  Kitts gets a massive gunging in the tank from Andy & Ryan, with a lot of the slop ending up in his singlet! How do you get a gungelad clean, you fill the tank with water and give them a nice shower. Well thats what Kitt thought Andy and Ryan had done. Of...

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