Gungelads Tour

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Cap Flan Trashes Alan and Alex – Part 2

  Cap flan continues to quiz Alan and Alex dishing out pies and gunge for wrong answers! Its part two of Cap flan trashing Alex and Alan and after getting their clothes messy, it's time for the clothes to come off! Alex gets some chocolate fondant stuffed down...

Bucket Dump with Beans

  Nicky and Scott versus Zack in another round of bucket dump. Eight buckets, three with plastic balls in the rest with nasty gunge including cake mix, porridge (oatmeal) green slime and a bucket of beans! The teams take it in turn to nominate a bucket which Matt...

Messy Balls

  Three lads take turns to pick numbered balls out of a bucket of goo. The lowest number will get a gungy penalty from the other two! Pete is dressed in scally kit, complete with cap, Ian is sporting rugby kit and finally feral has decided to be casual in shirt...

Six Lads in a slime pool

  Its time for another wrestle (which is code for watching lads roll around in slop) this time with not one, not two, but SIX lads! Zack, referees a tag team match between Andy, Chris, Joel, Scott & Stu... but what starts off as wrestling soon turns into the...

Cap Flan Trashes Alex and Alan

  Captain Flan trashes Alex and Alan in part one of a quiz where a wrong answer means your getting messy! After Alexs introduction to gungelads last month, it's time to get down to some serious gunging and thats what Captain Flan has in store for Alex and Alan....

Pup Quiz

Awoooo, the pups have been let loose in the gungelads studio... so to keep them quiet Joel gets then to play a messy quiz! Two adorable pups one wearing a jock strap and one in a full piece rubber suit play a messy game, where they can only answer in barks! Wrong...

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