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This is not goodbye… but….

  I am finding it hard to write this post, but have come to the difficult conclusion that if gungelads has any future we need to put the site on hiatus for a few months. As you know 2020 has been a very difficult year for us all and I’m not going to harp on about...

gungelads concert

  Time for some musical culture, as the lads put on their very own messy concert, complete with pies, green slime, eggs and lots of foam!  

Super Sloppy Spy

  Louis and Phil get covered in pies and slime in this classic parody of spy movies! Welcome to goo branch, the secret department of gungelads that tests out new ways to get gunged and pied! Today they are testing mini pies, pies that have homing devices and...

Dannys Naughty Yes No Game!

  Danny plays the yes no game in just his birthday suit, while sitting bellow 100 litres of green slime! Its a tradition on gungelads, that all lads (at somepoint) have to play the Yes  / No game. As if having quick fire questions thrown at them isn't nerve...

Stuff ya Balls! (Behind the scenes Version!)

  Ever wondered what goes on after a game finishes, well in this specially extended video, you can find out!  After stuffing balls into each others gungy singlets and trifles, the lads go wild with buckets of gunge as a free for all breaks out. Singlets come off...

Gavs Gungy Game

  We look back to when Phil and Scally Ste play a gungy game of rock paper scissors with Gav acting a the referee. Phil and Scally Ste dressed in their best kit, try to get their opponent as messy as possible in Gavs gungy game. Rock paper scissors decides which...

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