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Chocolate Shampoo and Beans

  Nates wavy hair gets ruined by Feral and Tim get plasted in pies  and baked beans dished out by Pete, welcome to gungelads requests! From time to time, we get emails asking if we can gunge the lads in a particular way and in this video we carry out some of...

Joshs Yes No Game

  As a bonus video to help us all try to keep smiling in this crisis, we look back to when new lad Josh played the yes no game. Did he win or did he end up a sticky sloppy mess! Josh dressed in his best footie kit, tries to avoid saying yes or no for ninety...

James Messy Mashup Part 2

  James is back for part 2 of his Messy mashup and this time, were starting around the back! We continue to gunge james starting with dumping a load of porridge (oatmeal) down the back of his shorts. Of course you can't have porridge without treacle so we add a...

Naughty Bucket Dump

  New lad David (on the far left of picture) plays a very messy game with Steven, Danny, Dave and Paul in his first appearance on gungelads! Yes it's time to introduce a new lad to gungelads and what better way to do this than playing one of our favourite games,...

Messy Team Photo

  The gungelads turn out in their best sports kits for a team photo, unfortunately someone has left lots of pies, food and gunge in the same room... whatever could happen next! Alan, James, Feral, Ben, Gav and Nicky all assemble for a gungelads team photo. They...

Sloppy Presenter Wrestle

  Time for presenters Miles, Wardy, Paul and Chris to battle it out in a pool of slime to find out who is the best presenter! Who is the best presenter of gungelads? Well Wardy thinks it him, but the other lads don't agree so they decide to have a naughty sloppy...

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