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Jock Strap Wrestling James Scott Jamie Miles

  As the weather gets colder, what better way for our lads to stay warm than a few rounds of messy wrestling.... in jock straps of course! First Jamie V James prove to us all that they are wearing jockstraps under their PVC shorts by doing a sexy strip tease,...

Callum gets Trashed

  The master of mess Captain flan is back to introduce new lad Callum to lots of pies and gunge, in his very first gunging on gungelads! New lad Callum, tries to find the "star prize" in a messy game, where choosing the wrong number means your getting messy!...

New Year Gunging Tips

  Nicky gets the new year off to a messy start by sharing his best gunging tips, but the lads have other ideas! Happy new year to you all and in this show NIcky shows Matt and Scott how to gunge properly, first with pies and food and later with gunge. By the end...

Naughty Workies

  On a cold winters night, two workmen (Alan and Alex) keep warm by getting messy with gunge and then playing with each other! How do you keep warm on a building site in winter, easy.. you ask you m8 to gunge you! First get him to fill up your riggers with gunge...

Messy Christmas Quiz

  Alan and Ian (under the bucket in the picture!) play a messy Christmas quiz to win sweet treats or smelly forfiets! Yes, we do love a good quiz on gungelads and for this one we got Ian and Alan to smash pies in their face to avoid getting covered in nasty slop....

Gungy Kissing in a Tank

  Oh this is very festive, Gunglads couple Kitt and Ryan have been captured by Captain Flan and Andy and now there about to get slimed in the gungelads tank! Whats this, Kitt and Ryan tied up in a gunge tank. That can only be the work of dastardly Captain flan...

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