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Alan turns Alex into a Naked Chocolate Cake!

  Alan turns new lad Alex into a Strawberry and Chocolate cake with the help of Captain flan. Yes it's time for a new lad to play the Yes / No game. First Alan gets Alex to strip off as one of the rules is the game is played in the buff, except for a well placed...

Stocks, Pies, Paste and Pants

  Ian finds Jamie and Jonny covering each other in chocolate before the show has even started. These lads obviously need restraining, so Ian locks them both in the stocks! Each lad gets three creamy chocolate pies to throw at the other while locked in the...

Miles Trashes Jamie Part2

  Its part 2 of Miles trashing Jamie and theres a lot more gunge to come! Now stripped to just his pants, Miles continues to trash Jamie with blue & green gunge with a lot ending up down the front and back of Jamies pants! But theres still a bucket of cake...

Professional Bum Painting

  Get ready for a artistic lesson in painting, but as this is gungelads were going to paint on a naked arse! James teaches Jamie the lesser know art of Bum painting, using professional arse Scott! First we learn how to paint a scenic picture using chocolate Sauce...

Miles Trashes Jamie Part1

  Miles trashes Jamie in our messy quiz show as he tries to win cash and avoid the slime! All Jamie has to do is to select the right number from a board of twenty numbers to win the star prize. Unfortunately for Jamie behind the other numbers are lots of gungy...

Two Lads Against One

  Matt and Zack gang up on Dylan in a messy gunge fight where the lads are wearing just pants! Zack and Matt challenge Dylan to a messy gunge fight. The winner is the one that gets the other team more messy. BUT Zack and Matt have two buckets of slime and poor...

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