Wardy gets trashed in the Stocks

by 4,Oct,2019Tour

Wardy is feeling a bit stressed, so the lads lock him in the stocks and pelt him with pies and gunge!
Are you feeling stressed? Wardy was so we sent him to our resident mess guru Doc Flan who prescribed a gunging in the stocks! Unable to escape, Wardy has to endure lots of pies to the face, tomatoe soup, chocolate sauce and lots of slime! Then the lads turn him round pull his shorts down and decide he needs the same treatment applied to his jockstrapped arse! More pies get rubbed in along with more gunge!
But the lads havn’t finished yet and after a bucket of thick green slime, the lads cover wardy in a large bucket of freezing cold cake mix, ensuring most of it drops down the front of his jockstrap. Then to finish it off, Doc Flan covers Wardy in thick black treacle (mollasses) and Miles and Chris gleefully help Doc Flan rub it in!
So does Wardy feel more or less stressed after all that? We think he secretly enjoyed it and if you watch the sloppy slomos at the end of the video you will probably see why!