Zacks Beauty Parlour

by 26,Jul,2019Tour

Mark and Scott get covered in all kinds of slop by Zack and Ben, while visiting the gungelads beauty spa.
So how do the gungelads keep looking so young? They have regular visits to the beauty spa, run by Zack and in this video Zack explain the beauty treatments he uses on the gungelads. First he starts by smashing half a dozen eggs over Scott and Marks head to give their hair a glossy coat. Then it’s time to add some vitamin C in the form of sticky black currant juice, followed by a couple of buckets of custard
Then it’s time for the lads to exfoliate their skin, so after removing their shirts, Zack and Ben set about covering them in thick black gungelads mud. Finally it’s time to clean up with some cleansing thick green gunge which the lads gleefully rub all over themselves and each other!